Who's Your Betty? 

Reveal your card-giving personality. We'll do the rest!



EnchantingBetty prefers cards that exude kindness, reflect her values, and lean luxe. She has an affinity for genuine messages, gorgeous papers, and artwork that will enchant her recipients. She prefers her cards with no salt or swears, thank you very much. She'll take hers clean, pure, and wholesome. Like her.



SaltyBettySaidWhat's biting wit and unapologetic verbal prowess cannot be overestimated. She expects cards like her: sharp, hilarious, unexpected. BlueStreakBetty will have no bunnies or cotton candy scratch and sniff cards in her set, thank you very much. We heartily endorse the ways of SaltyBetty while also cautioning the faint of heart to beware. Not everyone is fluent in sarcasm like this Betty!



PeaceLoveBettys are our idealists; they see the world in shades of attachment and love for our fellow man. PeaceLoveBetty keeps her gaze on the moon and her heart on her sleeve as she moves through her life, intentionally sowing seeds of harmony. This Betty relishes sending creative, gorgeous, and, yes, sometimes hilarious, cards so long as the message is positive.



BettyLovers, our true romantics, move through life in absentminded reveries, missing appointments and freeway exits, distracted by their intoxicating loves. In this ONE THING, the card, BettyLovers resolve to snap out of it and be prepared (and practical) with a beautiful stash of next-level romantic cards that will lend the impression they DELIBERATED. Hearts will leap at the sight of our inspiring collection of cards that put words to love again and again and again. (Return to your playlist of love songs, BettyLover, we've got this one covered!)



Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, Unpredictable Betty finds her spirits most lifted by clever turns of phrase, sarcastic one-liners, or beautifully sweet sentiments. This Betty isn't satisfied with just one type of card; her complex emotional range demands a broad collection! UnpredictableBetty keeps others laughing and guessing as they open their mail. Who knows what she'll send. Never a dull moment!



BettyFontsItUp believes the message is EVERYTHING and prefers it not compete with artwork. This Betty's favorite cards tend to be deep letterpress or woodblock designs featuring the sentiments most people think but would rarely utter. BettyFontsItUp is a realist, a humorist, a wit with an affinity for cards that are deceptively simple